Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When Rainbows End~

I like rainbow. so,for this entry i would like to give some brief explanation about rainbow. knowledgeble oke.. =)

Rainbows are a striking and beautiful meteorological phenomenon caused by the refraction of light. In order for rainbows to form, the sun must be near the horizon, and there must be a heavy fog, mist, or rain opposite the sun. An observer standing between the sun and the rainbow would see a 180 degree arc of colors which run through the visible spectrum from red to violet. In some cases, if conditions are right, double rainbows will form, with a pale rainbow in reversed colors above the primary rainbow, and in other instances, a fully circular rainbow has been observed, usually from inside an aircraft flying over the Earth.

Although rainbows have been observed, written about, and depicted in art for centuries, their cause was not understood until physics began to explore the properties of light. Essentially, the cause of a rainbow is the reflection of sunlight through individual drops of water. Light enters the water and reflects from the opposite side of the water drop, bouncing back through the point of entry. Because the angle or refraction of the light changes as it bounces back, it filters the light into different colors, which arrange themselves with red at the top and violet at the bottom because red is the longest wave length, and violet is the shortest.

People seeking rainbows should go outside when the sun is near the horizon and there has been a heavy rain, or there is an active storm. If the observer turns his or her back to the sun and looks in the direction which is immediately opposite the sun, he or she may see rainbows if the conditions are right, with the apex of the arc located directly opposite the sun. In some instances, light conditions are right for rainbows to form in close proximity to an observer: otherwise, the rainbow will continue to look as though it is moving away from the pursuer until it finally disappears altogether, because the observer has actually passed through it.

the colours of rainbow melt my heart...ooo la la~


  1. wahh...colouful jek ling tgk rainbow2 nih..
    ni blajar meteorology balik ni hehehe..
    owhh teringat pada papa muuu, duktur wann heheh

  2. fairuz~ hehe..
    br jak sempat mau melawat blog kengkawan..
    nice rainbow..


    ada ke rainbow yg tak nice? haha~

  3. to amalini mustapha:
    dari papaku tu la yam dpt inspire bt entry nih..haha~

    to lina chan:
    chan2..rindu sama kamu..huhu..
    sila beri tunjuk ajar bagemana nk menggunakan website ni dgn cemerlang,gemilang dan terbilang..hee~