Friday, March 20, 2009

misteri Ari~

hye there.. fellow friends keep asking me "who is Ari?","is he ur new bf?","why hiding him from us?","fairuz..who's Ari?kitorang tak tau pn"..haa,people always said scorpion is a mysterious type of person kan.betul la tu.hihi.but,bcause i want u all to know who is Ari and i think he doesn't mind if i exposed him to u,i will spill the mystery of Ari..

ok..i admit Ari is my special 'someone' be honest quite everyday we see each other and he always accompany me to the class..he's cool and he always listen to my bable everytime we spent time together..walopon i always show my talented sumbang singing in front of him..sorry la Ari..hehe..1 more thing is, he always accompany me and my friends go out shopping.dia sgt sabar melayan kerenah aku..u have to la kan Ari sbb i'm a spoil princess..hikhik..

BUT truthfully i believe i've not been a good partner for him.well,i have never been in a situation where i need to give my love show how much i care about him is not what i'm good at.i think i'm a lousy person in order to make my beloved person feel happy.i feel so sorry to Ari to have me to take good care of him because i believe he's not so happy with me but still to try so hard to fullfil my needness.its very nice of u n i am really thank u for all u've done to me.and i believe if we spent time together a little bit more we can be such a great item.thanks again Ari.

enuff the drama i guess..msti korang dh menyampah now,i would like to introduce to the rest of the world, MY ARI...tadaaaaa~

haaaa..tu la Ari..kt blakang mighty white kenARI..hahahaha....

p/s : GOTCHA!!!


  1. Yam,
    u got me...oh tidaaaakkkkk huahuahau..

  2. hikhikhik...
    sorila ling..tak bermaksud best plak bt skandal2 basi nih..harhar~

  3. dakpe2..
    yam, sekali lagi. x kose mak tgk rosie dan kamu posing.huahuahuahauhauahauahuauuah

  4. ling ckap cmtu kan,ni yg membuatkan yam nk uplod gmbar lg panas nih.apa kata gmbar 'sentuh2' kt putrajaya aritu?ok tak?haha~

  5. ayoyoyoyo.
    sudah ada nama itu kereta. jaga kau ari. akan ku puncture tyre mu. XD

  6. hikhikhik..
    tp betoi syg oo ARI sy tu..dia kan penah bwk kita p dent ritu..awk pon mmg dh kenai dia kn..haha~