Thursday, March 5, 2009

my nyte~

hello everybody!!

well, i am now officially will using this blog as my place to tell every single thing which nested in my heart and mind.ok.i WISH to tell everything i want but it is obviously people are going read my blog (hah,ada kerr?) and everybody could access it then i will probably be more careful in order to make any entry..hehe..

Okay,today i would like to make my first entry by telling about what i've been doing last night. Well, last night i have watched this movie which is the sequence from the TV drama. The title is KAMI the movie. I've been craving to watch this movie since last year, but i never get the chance to do so,so last night while wasting my time by YOUTUBING i came across into this movie. Just type 'KAMI the movie' and appeared..

I'm not going to bable about the whole of the story but i will tell why and what i like about this movie.It is about 5 teenagers Ali(my gosh..he's cute), Abu(this man is absolutely suitable to be my bf..hee),Lynn(gothic look a like..but still a cute girl),Adii(she's so funky) and Sofie(very sweet and soft girl). They are bestfriends but in the same time each of them has their own secrets and problems. They did not tell their problems and secrets to each other but it still turn out they can be a very very close friends. They need not to push themselves to share their secrets in order to be bestfriends. What they did is just be by each others side when any of them have a problem,like what a true friend should do.That is why and what I like bout this story. The bonding between them. (Beside the cuteness and the hotness of the hunks in this movie..hehe).

Anyway,I was really touched by this movie. REALLY2 touched. Even my tears can't afford to sit still in the eyes..huhu..dramatic~

Ok. It seems like i am promoting u to watch this movie. It is and all i can say that it is worth to watched this movie.. =)

p/s : As for whom who have a sensitive feeling like i do, please ready a packfull of tissue. it is usable at the end of the movie. Come to think about it again, make me realise how fragile my heart is..haih~ m(T_T)m


  1. lemme b the first who comments you.
    auw. welcome to the blogging world.
    share your feelings n thoughts here wit otha bloggers.

    p/s : tengah tunggu buffering KAMI. oke. terpengaruh dengan blog ini.

  2. ngeee yammm~~~
    seriously that good ke cite neh???hmpphh..
    rasa mcm dah terpengaruh gak la hehehehe....

  3. to fairuzara :
    owh awk..tengkiu2..kita tgk byk mana entry yg sy mampu buat..hehe~

    to amalini mustapha:
    linggg..tengkiu jua..alah,buleh la tahan cite ni ling..smpai buleh nanges tu kira best la kn..hehe~